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James Allen, 10-year energy industry insider

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How To Profit In A World

Beyond Oil

“The hottest investment opportunity of the 2020s is Clean Energy. To hear from the world’s top minds in clean energy investment… and discover my #1 idea to profit from solar reserve your spot today!”
— James Allen, 10-year energy industry insider

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As seen on CNN, Bloomberg TV, BBC World Service, CNBC, Singularity University and featured in The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian, Slate, The Economist, Scientific American, and others

Mark Lewis: Peak Supply – The Surprising Way Oil Dies

Michael Liebreich: How Clean Energy Investing Can Be Profitable

Ramez Naam: The 6 Trillion Dollar Disruption

Gregor Macdonald: Oil Fall - 3 Reasons Why Fossil Fuels Are Doomed

Colin McKerracher: Electric Vehicles – Transport For The Next Century

James Allen: How To Make a Fortune From The Great Energy Switchover

Eoin Treacy: The Money Migration – How To Profit From This Megatrend

Why you need to tune in for our Beyond Oil Summit
Register now to discover:
  • How coronavirus made investments in oil unsafe and why the future is GREEN
  • The #1 idea to profit from solar
  • Britain's untapped resource that could transform us into a "global powerhouse" and build a “massive amount of wealth”
  • Why coronavirus could shift investment away from oil and gas and towards clean energy
  • The “Three Powerful Forces” that could trigger EXPLOSIVE GROWTH in green energy stocks
  • Discover the British companies that could become household names in green energy... and the ones you shouldn't touch with a ten foot pole!
  • Wind and solar investments are ALREADY as profitable as oil – PLUS, the mortal danger the oil industry is facing!
  • The one law that will send a wall of money into the green energy sector… every year… for the next DECADE!
  • Why Google and other big corporations are entering a "clean energy arms race." And how you can profit from it in two simple moves…
  • The one green energy investing mistake you shouldn’t make (HINT: Not all stocks and funds are created equal...)
  • Which stocks Goldman Sachs forecasts will benefit from unprecedented growth (and the name of the one S&P 500 stock Goldman Sachs told its clients to sell)
  • Big Oil is betting against green energy, right? WRONG! The surprising investments of Big Oil companies (and what they tell us about the future of green energy)
  • Wind and solar are now cheaper than coal and gas for new electricity generation across more than two-thirds of the world – And why more renewable electricity could actually mean trouble for TESLA
  • Which multibillionaire committed $10 billion to combat climate change and how this changes the market for the average investor
  • What you must do for maximum potential profits... as $110 trillion of capital floods the clean energy market
What James Allen's readers say:

“James delivers his proposals with thorough examinationand great enthusiasm.I am more than confident that through his knowledge and guidance, I will be not only better educated on energies of the future, but wealthier too.” — E.N

"... opened up a world of opportunities that I had never even known existed for people like me! Keep up the great work." — T.S.

"Thanks for all your good work.” — A.A.

“I will follow your recommendations very carefully and act on them. I've got everything else in your portfolio already." — T.H.

"Thanks for the great service James... Keep up the great work young sir!" — K.S.

"I am enjoying all your investment newsletters very much and am benefiting financially as a result of following your advice.” — R.N.

"I wanted to thank you for your work.” — J.H.

“I’m a private investor and I wanted to say how grateful I am for your insight into energy stocks, particularly the hydrogen ones you have recommended...I find it fascinating reading about the latest advances and love the fact your publication champions investing in renewables as I am deeply concerned about current and future environmental impacts.” — RDS

“I have been reading your newsletter and reports since you started, and your research is much appreciated.” — J.R

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